AHCA's Senior Stories



Help us capture and share heartwarming Senior Stories!

The Arkansas Health Care Association is teaming up with Bold Folks Home to capture your facility's heartwarming friendships, remarkable talents, and tasty recipes on video. 

Discover the video themes below and fill out the form to bring the Bold Folks Home film crew to your facility! Have questions? Email Cat Hamilton at chamilton@arhealthcare.com for more information.

Dynamic Duos

The Dynamic Duo series highlight heartwarming CNA-resident friendships. Whether they share a common hobby or just a partner-in-crime love of mischief, these BFFs will share their tips for a lasting friendship.

Facilities Got Talent

Care facilities are full of undiscovered stars. Our cameras will capture the impressive, unusual, and straight-up silly talents of both residents and CNAs around the state. Everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame!

All The Fixins

In All The Fixins, residents work alongside facility cooks to make family recipes that have been around for generations. Similar to Buzzfeed’s Tasty video series, these clips will offer simple instructions for delicious dishes while capturing the history behind the food. Each video will end with the resident sharing their culinary creation with their friends.

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